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Southampton Boiler Replacement

Ocean Air Cool provides top-notch HVAC services and boiler replacement to Southampton residents.

Southampton Boiler Replacement

When your heating system malfunctions, chances are your boiler requires basic repair or a thorough servicing. Rest assured, our heating service technicians have extensive experience fixing hot water or steam boiler systems similar to yours in Southampton, NY. We offer round-the-clock assistance with fully-equipped central air service vehicles carrying all the necessary tools and parts to restore your furnace to working condition.

Our competitive pricing for boiler repair, service, and replacement comes with firm estimates. You can trust Ocean Air Services to provide top-notch advice and timely, excellent workmanship.

Here are the signs to look out for that indicate your boiler needs replacement to avoid future service calls and damage repair:

Older Boiler:

A properly maintained boiler lasts an average of 15 years. If your boiler is approaching this threshold or is older than 15 years, consider a replacement before it breaks down.

Poor Energy Efficiency:

Replacing your current boiler is one of the best ways to save on energy costs. Our boiler technicians can help you choose the best make, model, and size to fit your specific property needs.

Long Time to Heat Up:

 If water takes too long to heat up, it’s a common sign of a failing boiler. Have your heating system inspected sooner rather than later to determine if repair is needed.

Carbon Monoxide Presence:

If your carbon monoxide alarm alerts you of CO in your home, it could be due to your boiler’s heat exchange going bad. Take carbon monoxide leaks in boilers seriously and have them dealt with by a professional at the first sign.


If your boiler is leaking due to excessive corrosion, poor maintenance, or physical damage, replacing your entire boiler tends to be the most cost-effective solution and reduces the chance of water and moisture damage throughout the home.

Poor Heat Distribution:

If you’re not getting heat in certain areas of the house but are in others, it may be time for a replacement. While poor heat distribution could be caused by a blockage that needs to be removed, our team can determine if a replacement is needed.

Continuous Repairs:

If you’re constantly calling out local heating companies to repair your boiler or the costs of repairs are getting out of hand, replacing your boiler may be the best choice to ensure future comfort around your home.

It’s important never to attempt to install a boiler on your own, as it can be extremely dangerous, and it can even be illegal to install gas boilers in your home in some places. Additionally, choosing to have DIY boiler installation work completed instead of turning to an accredited HVAC technician can even void manufacturer warranties.

Call Ocean Air Cool to install your new boiler today. We have the necessary experience, tools, and qualifications needed to safely remove and dispose of your existing unit and deliver a professional installation of the new one.

Why Choose Ocean Air?

Our skilled technicians have years of experience solving boiler issues like yours. With 24/7 availability and fully equipped service vehicles, we can quickly diagnose and fix the problem. Our pricing is competitive, and we’ll always provide firm estimates with no hidden fees. Trust us to get your furnace back up and running efficiently.

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We offer competitive pricing for boiler repair, service, or replacement. Our estimates are always fair, with no hidden fees. Rest assured, you can trust Ocean Air Services to give you expert advice and to deliver prompt, excellent work.