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8 Plumbing Jobs that Aren’t so Easy to DIY

8 Plumbing Jobs that Aren’t so Easy to DIY

We all like to hit the DIY forums to try and fix things around the home by ourselves to save a little money. While this might work very well for patching a hole in the wall or changing the oil on your car, it isn’t the best option for many plumbing jobs.

There are quite a few common plumbing problems that people feel they are qualified to fix on their own but are not aware of the potential harm it can cause down the road. Below is a list of 8 plumbing jobs you might think have an easy solution you can do yourself but would be best if left to the pros.

1. Backed Up Sewer Lines

Backed-up sewer lines are more than just a hassle; they can cause serious damage to your home and even create a dangerous environment that will have negative effects on your health.

While many people believe they can handle a backed-up sewer line on their own by accessing the “clean out” to the system. There you can diagnose the issue and try to locate the clog yourself.

However, clearing out a clog on your own can get extremely messy and dangerous since you are working with hazardous wastewater and solid waste material. In order to remain safe and to keep your home clean, calling in professionals is the better option.

2. A Leaky Faucet

A leaky faucet is a pretty common problem in many households, leading to annoying dripping, water pooling, and even mold buildup. Fixing a leaky faucet might seem pretty straightforward, but it can be a lot trickier than one might think.  There are various reasons a faucet can leak, so it is best to have a plumber come out and take a look to ensure the issue is handled appropriately.

3. Broken Pipes

Broken pipes can happen at any time, and the winters in Long Island are known for being brutal and can get pretty cold, which can cause pipes to freeze and burst.   If this happens, you should seek professional help ASAP since water will begin to flood your home or lawn, leading to significant and expensive damage. Professionals are better equipped to locate where the pipe was damaged and repair it quickly.

4. Clogged Your Drains

You have probably already experienced a clogged drain at a time or two in your life. The shower water takes forever to go down, or your dishwater in the kitchen sink sticks around for hours after the plug is removed. While many clogs can be successfully removed with a little elbow grease and some store-bought chemicals, it is a much safer option to call in a plumber. These experts know what the best course of action will be, and they will be much safer on your drainpipes than many of the products you bring home.

5. Moving Pipes Around

If you have ever remodeled a bathroom, you know how tricky it can be to move a sink, toilet, or tub from one side of the room to the other. Unlike furniture, you can’t simply pick up the vanity and set it in the new location. To move any plumbing fixtures, you have to move the pipes that connect to them; this means pulling up the flooring and disassembling and reassembling pipping. Unless you are experienced in this area of work, it isn’t a good idea to go it alone.

6. Replacing Your Pipes

You may want to consider replacing your pipes as they begin to age. Even though most types of pipes can last a very long time, they won’t last forever.  And, when it is time to change them out, you should rely on a skilled and trusted professional to do the work for you.

Here is the average length of time pipes last based on material.

  • Up to 50 years with galvanized steel
  • 50 years with copper
  • Between 40 and 70 years with brass
  • 72-100 years with Cast iron

7. Leaking Hot Water Tanks

Many people start to panic when they notice a puddle or drip coming from their hot water tank, automatically assuming it needs to be replaced.

Since these appliances can cost anywhere from $300-$2000, depending on size, it would save you a ton of money to see if a plumber can fix your current tank before buying a new one. A lot of the time, there is a much less expensive solution to your leak that only a professional can figure out.

8. Hot Water Tank Installation

Hot water tanks will not last a lifetime; in fact, they only last between 8-12 years before you begin to notice the decline in performance. Once this happens, your shower won’t get as hot as normal or as quickly. Requesting the service of a professional plumber to install a new hot water tank will get daily tasks back into full swing in no time at all.

Call in the Professionals

If you live on the East End of Long Island, NY, you don’t have to try and tackle any plumbing problem alone. You can contact Ocean Air Plumbing for fantastic service you can count on.

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